Eco Home For Sale

ecohouse for sale near Thunder Bay


MLS® Number: TB182709

After fourteen very good years here we feel we’re being called to go elsewhere. Time for one more adventure; time to leave our special place.

This unique, low-maintenance house has super-insulating straw bale walls, boasts an efficient passive solar design, gets its power and hot water from sun, and is easy to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
A 7.5 KW MicroFIT system generates approx. $6,500 annually.

With three bedrooms (one with ensuite bathroom) and two large, full bathrooms, a spacious sunroom and a large attched double garage it can easily be run as an Eco B&B (as we successfully did).

High-speed internet allows you to work from home,

and 311 acres give you room to roam.

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