Hubert and Jacomyn have always shared a vision to lead an environmentally sustainable lifestyle and to build their own “planet-friendly” home, powered and heated by sun and wind. They found the perfect place for it in the beautiful boreal forests of Northwest Ontario near Thunder Bay, and started construction of their Eco Centre in June 2006. Visitors and B &B guests of the Nolalu Eco Centre, experience first-hand what it is like to live in a house that doesn’t have any bills for electricity or heating, has minimal impact on our fragile ecosystem, and on top of that is healthy to live in!

The Centre is located on 311 acres of boreal forest and fields near the village of Nolalu. Some of the features of this 4000-square feet state-of-the-art facility:

– It took 650 straw bales to create the exterior walls, covered by a 1-inch stucco shell on the inside and out. The straw provides an unsurpassed insulation value of approx. R-50, with “breathing walls” that continuously purify the interior air, -temperature and -humidity.

– Solar panels and a wind turbine to provide the power it needs.

Domestic Hot water  

  – Solar collectors to provide domestic hot water through most of the year, with additional hot water coming from a clean burning wood-fired kitchen stove in winter.

Passive Solar
–   An optimal passive solar design makes sure the house stays cool in the summer while soaking up the warm sun rays in winter.

Conserving Energy
– An on-demand water heater cuts back significantly on the consumption of natural gas to heat domestic water.

Conserving Water
– Composting toilets cut back dramatically on the consumption of water while providing fertile compost for the garden.