Eco house for sale near Thunder Bay
Nolalu Eco House and property are for sale
Nolalu Eco Centre
Northern Ontario’s largest solar- and wind-powered straw bale house and Bed & Breakfast.
Just west of Thunder Bay. A place for learning, relaxing and meeting inspiring people - all connected to “living lightly” on this fragile planet. To book a tour of the Eco Centre, minimum 4 people, please contact us for a date.

Video by NlightN Education

  Bed & Breakfast

Would you like to experience life in a solar-powered strawbale house for a few days? Longing to spend some time at a special get-away in one of Ontario’s most beautiful areas?The Nolalu Eco Centre has 2 guestrooms upstairs. One room has a queen bed the other a double bed. Both rooms offer a great view over our fields and wildlife.

  House Tours

A tour takes about 1 ½ hour and includes solar powered coffee/tea and a snack.See for yourself how a straw bale house looks and feels how the solar panels and the wind generator are at work, how heating and cooling of the house is set up, hardly using any energy. How water is conserved and what "passive solar" looks like. Sit down and enjoy a cup of solar heated coffee with us.
$ 5.00 p/person,
$ 4.00 p/person for groups of 8 and over.
Looking forward seeing you! contact us